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Caregiver Burnout: A state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that can affect a person from going to a caring, positive and loving person to someone who does not have the capacity to care like they once had and become more negative. When caregivers are caring for their loved ones, whether near or far, can start to neglect their own needs and stop caring for themselves. Signs of caregiver burnout can be getting sick more often, withdrawing from friends and family, feeling depressed and helpless amongst other similar signs. Preventing caregiver burnout is possible and Compassionate Callers is just one resource to make that a possibility. By allowing Compassionate Callers to make the “check in” calls, it allows the caregiver to call their loved one to chat, check on their day and gossip (what other words should go there?) instead of doing the daily “check ins”.

Senior Citizen Loneliness: Senior citizens, just like everyone else, need to be socializing and making sure that there keeping busy as to not get health conditions related to loneliness. Social isolation and loneliness can increase a person’s risk of premature death. Poor social relationships can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Having a Compassionate Caller call your loved one to chat, check in or a brief hi can stave off some of these risks that we all want to avoid.

Sandwich Generation: The generation that is truly sandwiched between caring for the older generations as well as the younger ones. This can be anything from a 49 year old woman whose mom/dad is needing to checked on daily while working full time and running carpool to the 38 year old single man who has his parents across the country that liked to be called daily and checked on but is working full time as well as has kids at home who have sport games and practices to get to.